Our Values

“This company was built on family values, those values remain at the heart of this business as we expand our operations across Australia.”
Andrew Helmers Managing Director

Our mission is to deliver innovative products and services to create inspirational and affordable homes for Australian families. We will set the benchmark in the new residential home industry while ensuring that our people, both customers and staff, are at the centre of everything we do along the way.

Our philosophy is that we treat staff like family and customers like guests, and this attitude has seen us grow throughout NSW, the ACT, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia. Each business functions under the overarching values and philosophy which guides the entire MJH Group.

Our values are embraced by every one of the staff members across our businesses in the way they treat each other, our customers and stakeholders and in the way they work every day.

The quality of the result is the only real measure of our effort. We strive for continuous improvement.
People expect us to make their dream a reality, and how they feel on the journey is as important as the houses we create. Delivering on our promises and acknowledging our mistakes is non-negotiable. We do everything with respect and integrity.
We don’t build for our customers but with them. We know we’re stronger when we work as a team.
The final measure of all we do. We look after each other like family.